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Линия за екструдиране на плочи и листове

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PVC 、 LVT подова екструдирана кожена линия

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Mainly used in the production of PVC floor leather products. PVC floor leather has wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-skid, anti-seepage, flame retardant properties, widely used in locomotives, guesthouses, hotels, entertainment halls, exhibition hall and houses. According to customer requirements, different equipment components can be configured for the production of single-layer, multi-layer composite products, but also to increase the rewinding device to produce inner enhanced products or surface composite non-woven fabric, PVC decorative film and other products.

Техническа спецификация
Тип Ширина на продуктите Дебелина на продуктите Модел на екструдер Проектиран капацитет
YSF Single layer 1000-2600mm 0.5-4mm Z92 / 188 550kg / ч
YSF Double layers 1500-3000mm 0.5-4mm Z80/156-Z80/156 700-1000kg / ч
YSF Three layers 2000-3000mm 0.5-4mm Z80/156-Z92/188-Z80/156 800-1800kg / ч