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Линия за екструдиране на плочи и листове

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PP 、 PE 、 PVC 、 ABS екструзионна линия за дебела плоча

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PP Thick Plate production line: PP thick plate, can be widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, anti-corrosion industry, purification industry, environmental protection equipment production industry. 2000mm wide PP thick plate production line is a stable production line produced by Yuansu Technology,that is the most advanced and stable line compared with other competitors.

PE Thick Plate production line: Polyethylene (PE) plate is widely used in chemical industry, electric power and other industries. HDPE plate can also be used as engineering plastics in machinery, chemical and other equipment, widely used in the manufacture of ice hockey field wall panels.

PVC Thick Plate production line: Hard PVC thick plate is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, pharmaceutical electronics, communications, anti-corrosion containers, equipment and electrical shields, light boxes, advertising decoration and other industries.

ABS Thick PLATE: widely used in home appliances, electronics, package, medical equipment and other fields.

Техническа спецификация
Тип Подходящ материал Ширина на продуктите Дебелина на продуктите Модел на екструдер Проектиран капацитет
YSB150—2000 PP,PE,ABS 1220-1500mm 3-30mm 150 / 38 600 Кг / ч
YSB150—2600 PP,PE,ABS 1500-2000mm 3-30mm 150 / 38,120 / 38 900 Kg/h
YSB170—2600 PP,PE 1500-2000mm 3-30mm 170 / 38,120 / 38 1200 Kg/h
YSB170—3600 PP、PE 2000-3000mm 3-30mm 170 / 38,120 / 38 1600 Kg/h
YSB Z80-1500 PVC 1220mm 3-30mm Z80 / 156 450 Kg/h