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Линия за екструдиране на плочи и листове

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PP 、 HIPS 、 ABS линия за екструдиране на листове


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PP、PS package sheet/stationery decoration sheet extrusion line: PP sheet is widely used in food, electronic products and other package, different kinds of transparent, two-color,matte, three-dimensional stationery sheet. Multi-layer coextrusion lines can be customized according to customer requirements, and the output ranges from 100-1200Kg/h.

ABS, HIPS/GPPS mainly used in: refrigerator door, inner tank, drawers, water tray, water dispenser, etc., ABS/PMMA composite sanitary ware plate for: bathroom products such as bathtub, shower room, steam room, face sink. ABS/PC composite luggage plate is mainly used for: a variety of luggage cases, suitcases, leisure bags and other bags. ABS, ABS + PC alloy material automotive plate main uses: car roof, instrument board, seat backrest, car door panels, window frames, and housing of motorcycles, beach cars, strollers, golf carts.

Техническа спецификация
ТипПодходящ материалШирина на продуктитеДебелина на продуктитеМодел на екструдерПроектиран капацитет
YSP120—800ДОМАШЕН ЛЮБИМЕЦ,ПЛАН800 мм0.2-1.5 мм120 / 36600 кг / час
YSP120—800PP800 мм0.2-2 мм120 / 38600 кг / час
YSP120/65—1200PP,HIPS800-1200 мм0.2-2 мм120 / 38   65 / 35800 Кг / ч
YSP130—1200HIPS,ABS800-1200 мм0.2-2 мм130 / 38800 Кг / ч