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Линия за екструдиране на плочи и листове

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PE, PVC, CPE, TPO, EVA Геомембрана / Водоустойчива екструзионна линия

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Suitable for the production of a variety of materials, including PVC, TPO, PE and other waterproof coil and a variety of waterproof coil with different product structure.

Homogeneous Coil (Code H): without inner reinforced material or outer material

With fiber backing coil (code L): coating with fabrics such as polyester nonwovens and other composite materials on the surface of  waterproof coil;

Internal reinforcement Coil (code P): polyester mesh cloth in the middle of the coil to enhance the waterproof;

Internal reinforcement Coil (code G): glass fiber mesh cloth in the middle of the coil to enhance the waterproof ;

Начин на употреба: roof waterproofing of industrial and civil buildings, including planting roofs, flat roofs, sloping roofs.

Underground waterproofing of buildings: including reservoirs, dams, pool waterproofing, tunnels, grain depots, civil defense projects, landfill, artificial lake waterproofing and so on.              

Техническа спецификация
Тип Подходящ материал Ширина на продуктите Дебелина на продуктите Модел на екструдер Проектиран капацитет
YSB150—2300 PP/PE/TPO/EVA 1000-2000mm 0.5-3mm 150 / 38 600 кг / час
YSB150—3500 PP,PE,TPO 1500-3000mm 0.5-3mm 150 / 38,120 / 38 900 кг / час
YSB170—4400 PP/PE/TPO/EVA 1500-4000mm 0.5-3mm 170 / 38,120 / 38 1200 кг / час
YSB200—7500 PE 5000-7000mm 1-3mm 200 / 30,120 / 38 2000 кг / час
YSZ 130-2500 PVC/CPE 1000-2000mm 0.5-3mm Z130 800 кг / час