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Линия за екструдиране на плочи и листове

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PC 、 PMMA 、 GPPS Line Линия за екструдиране на плочи

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PC Endurance Board Scope of application: garden, entertainment place singular decoration and corridor pavilion of rest places; interior and exterior decorations of commercial buildings, curtain walls of modern buildings; aviation transparent containers, motorcycle front windshield, aircraft, trains, ships, automobiles, steamers, submarines and glass military and police’s shields; telephone booths, advertising board, lighting box advertising display, highway and urban viaduct noise barrier.

PMMA Plate (Acrylic plate/GPPS plate) Product Classification: ordinary PMMA sheet is mainly used for advertising, decoration, craft products, specimen signs, etc., electroplating plate for vacuum electroplating plastic lenses, lighting guide plate for ultra-thin light box, LED flat panel display lamp and poster rack and other advertising decoration; LCD light guide plate for computer, TV and other liquid crystal display components. The sheet extrusion line provided by Yaunsu can be used to process PMMA or PC diffusion plates.

Техническа спецификация
Тип Подходящ материал Ширина на продуктите Дебелина на продуктите Модел на екструдер Проектиран капацитет
YSB130—2200 PC,PMMA,GPPS 2200 мм 1.5 12 mm 130 / 38 500-600 Kg / h
YSB150—2600 PC,PMMA,GPPS 2600 мм 2 12 mm 150 / 38 600-800 Kg / h