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Серия екструзионни линии за тръби

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HDPE PP куха стена каратови тръби производствена линия

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The system has two extruder used and spiral rotating forming,high efficient combination technology to reach high quality product. Special plastic steel composite technology has been used to reinforce pipe performance. Adopting two steps type decompression screw, with specially mixing and plasticization component, together with high twist torque and high temperature control accuracy mack 90% of recovery material can be used in production. Advanced PLC computer control system, high precision temperature control module block, whole color touch displaying screen to ensure convenient, stable and dependable operation.


The spiral pipe produced is low cost, low weight but bigger round stiffness. The connector has good air sealing performance, the pipe has good corrosion resistance and long life time and it is easy to install.
Urban underground drainage and sewage pipe.

Тип Диаметър на тръбата Капацитет размер
SZYCRG-1200 300-1200 500 18 * 23 * 2.7
SZYCRG-1500 1000-1500 600 28 * 18 * 6
SZYCRG-2000 1500-2000 700 30 * 20 * 7
SZYCRG-3000 2000-3000 800 32 * 20 * 8