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HDPE корпусни тръби (сглобяеми директно заровени изолационни) производствена линия


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HDPE thermal insulation pipe with high heat insulating, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation,flame retardant, cold resistance, light weight, high strength, convenient and fast construction, not afraid of plant root and other excellent characteristics, it is widely used in city central heating, warm room, cold storage, coal mine, petroleum pipe port, chemical industry, natural gas pipeline, the electricity buried pipe insulation, central air conditioning pipeline, cable tube, steam insulation pipe industry. Polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe is suitable for insulation and cold preservation of various mediums in the range of -50 to 150℃. It has advanced technology and practical performance which the traditional pipe trench and overhead pipe laying can not be compared to, prefabricated directly buried insulating  pipe also has significant social benefits and economicbenefits as a powerful measure of heating energy.

МоделдиаметърЕкстредерКапацитет (кг / ч)Мощност (kw)
SZY-PPR-63 (единичен)20-63SZY65/33250-300140
SZY-PPR-63 (двоен)20-63SZY60/38350-400160
SZY-PERT-32 (висока скорост)16-32SZY60/38300-380140
SZY-PERT-32 (двоен)16-32SZY60/38350-400160
SZY-PE/PERT-63 (двоен)20-63SZY60/40400-450180
SZY-PPR-110 (единичен)20-110SZY60/40350-400160
SZY-PE-110 (единичен)20-110SZY60/40400-450160