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Линия за производство на платове от разтопено дърво

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Линия за производство на платове от разтопено дърво

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The melt blown cloth production line automatically sucks polypropylene into the screw extruder by the vacuum feeder, and the extruder heats and melts the PP particles to a liquid state.The blower or air compressor and the compressed air from the air storage tank are sent to the air heating tank for heating. The hot air uses the pressure to spray the molten polypropylene material from the nozzle to form a filament (the nozzle contains hundreds of small holes) ), and then the spouted filaments reach the level of the net machine, and then reach the winding equipment.

Характеристики на оборудването:

● This machine is equipped with precision metering pump, screen changer, electrostatic electret, etc., to ensure the quality standard above N-95.

● Extrusion system: high yield and stability;

● Melt metering pump technology: specially designed melt metering pump, through accurate pressure measurement in front of the pump, using microcomputer processing to adjust the speed of the extruder, maintaining stable pressure, and orderly supplying logistics to optimize the feeding process and ensure the die Smoothness of extrusion;

● Extrusion die and spinneret parts: divided into vertical and horizontal structures, so that the spunbond non-woven fabric produced is evenly spread, strong, and has good air permeability;

● Winding machine: The winding is smooth and automatic.

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Модел Диаметър на винта Материал Ширина на продуктите Капацитет
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