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Екструзионни линии за филми

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TPU 、 PVB / POE Line EVA екструзионна линия за филми

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Производителност и предимства: Yaunsu Technology company independently research and develop the thin film production line, highly automated design which increase the stability and reliability of production line operation, easy operation. For this production line, Yaunsu Technology companies absorbs the latest advanced production and control technology, combined with domestic practical needs to research and develop energy-saving production lines. Compared with the ordinary production line, its energy-saving effect is up to 30%.

TPU has been widely used in: Shoes, clothes, air-filled toys, water & underwater sport equipment, medical equipment, fitness
equipment, car seat material, umbrella, luggage bags and so on;

PVB /POEfilm can be widely used in: Interlayer glass of construction &automobile, solar photovoltaic glass, bullet-proof glass, sound proof glass, etc.

EVA film can be mainly used in: Solar photovoltaic glass

Техническа спецификация
Тип Подходящ материал Ширина на продуктите Дебелина на продуктите Модел на екструдер Проектиран капацитет
YSM150—2200 EVA 2200 мм 0.2 1 mm 150 / 30 600 кг / ч
YSM180—2600 EVA 2200 мм 0.2 1 mm 180 / 30 800 кг / ч
YSMP95/52—3600 PVB/POE 2400 3600 mm 0.38 2.28 mm 95 / 40  52 / 40 600 кг / ч
YSM120-1600 TPU 1600 мм 0.3 2 mm 120 / 36 200-300 кг / час